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2013 - ongoing
N-o-nS...e;nSI/c::::a_L is an undertaking concerned with meaning; a publication featuring artist writings brushing against the uncertainties that dictate our culture, space & actions.

Director: Páll Haukur / Editor: Vivian Sming / Design: Thea Lorentzen

N-o-nS...e;nSI/c::::a_L (ethics)

Contributors: Evan Burrows, Fiona Connor & Amy Howden-Chapman, Leslie Dick, Harry Dodge, Tara Lisa Foley, Páll Haukur, Chandler McWilliams, Ragnar Kjartansson, Thea Lorentzen, Vivian Sming.

June 2014, English
21 x 30.5 cm, 110 pages, b&w, softcover
Available to read online or for purchase.
N-o-nS...e;nSI/c::::a_L (meaning)

More details to come.

from shore to sea
2014 - ongoing
Editors: Heisue Chung & Vivian Sming
Forthcoming, 2015

Publication exploring photography's relationship with fields of anthropology & social sciences.

More details to come.

Love Songs for Antarctica

Edited by Vivian Sming, Love Songs for Antarctica contains a collection of poems, songs, and other writings, which were performed to Antarctica, December 27 - 31, 2011.

The anthology includes contributions and selections by Pablo Carrillo, Heisue Chung, Nadia Dougherty, Loren Gustafson, Páll Haukur, Billy Hernandez, Minha Park, Johanna Reed, Ben Tong, Tiffany Tzuang, Charlene Yung, Luis Ernesto Zavala. Each piece is accompanied by photographs of the Antarctic landscape, featuring 9 b&w 35mm prints and 4 full-color spreads printed on vellum.

January 2012, English, Korean
15 x 23 cm, 24 pages, color, softcover, edition of 200
Available for purchase.
Shadow Studies
2014 - ongoing
Shadow Studies is a lifelong project, an initiative to invigorate localized knowledge. Private tutoring lessons have become an increasingly common practice for students seeking to advance in a competitive system of education. Shadow Studies uses the practice of private lessons, not for advancement within the capitalist model, but for the relationship, experience, and knowledge gained locally from an one-on-one pedagogical framework. As part of the project, participants are invited to teach a private course of their choosing. No monetary compensation is offered.

The Virtual Physical
2014 - ongoing
The Virtual Physical is an ongoing curatorial project that considers the material and physical aspects of the virtual world. More details to come.

Suitable Solutions
Search Space (The Hornedo)
1952 Clinton Street
Los Angeles, CA

July 11-19, 2013
Opening Reception: July 11, 8-10pm
The search space is an area of all feasible solutions. Every solution can be marked by a point, and marked onto the area of the search space. Thus, the search space presents all possible solutions. In looking for a desired solution, one looks for the extreme point, often the lowest or highest.

"Suitable Solutions" presents work that plays with our desires to find a fixed solution. By disrupting conventional ways of obtaining meaning, these works push us into the space of considering all possible solutions, wherever that may be.

Featuring work by Nicholas Arehart, Katherine Davis, Pall Haukur, Chandler McWilliams, Brian O'Connell, and Emily Shananhan.

"Search Space" is the temporary name of a basement / gallery / studio space hidden in Echo Park, where Jonathon Hornedo eats / sleeps / paints / and sometimes hosts shows.